Just like in a regular home build, dirt is leveled and a compacted gravel pad laid.

Concrete footings are placed, which support pressure treated laminated beams. This works very well in the clay soil Oregon has, as the cottage can float above the small changes in expansion and contraction we see every year. 

The stage is built from the same subfloor components required by building code in residential construction. This is a very over-built deck made of 1&1/8" tongue and groove plywood that is glued and nailed.

Framing is performed with a strict adherence to residential building code. Walls are made from 2 by 6 lumber, metal tie downs are in place, and wall sheathing is placed with high levels of rigidity and structural integrity in the design. This is no garden shed- it's a tiny house.

Starting with the house wrap, a high quality moisture barrier with properly flashed windows and a true moisture barrier is in place. This barrier prevents black mold and dry rot by preventing moisture from entering the cottage. Proper air ventilation in the roof and under the structure are also implemented. 

Concrete and fiber based Hardi Plank siding it one of the many options for the exterior. All components used at this stage are proper exterior siding designed for many generations of wear. Stucco, rock, tile, wood, metal, and many other options are available. 

Here comes the porch and porch roof, and the utilities. A hard wired computer network and cable TV connection is common. 

A brand new Bohemian Cottage is born. Welcome to the family!