The perfect team.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

K E I T H  S C H N E I D E R, Skipper

Keith moved to Eugene from Lancaster, Pennsylvania 20 years ago to what he feels is the best of all 49 states he has seen. He grew up in a densely German populated area where young boys learn the virtues and fundamentals of craftsmanship from their fathers and neighbors. A woodworker from a very early age, he believes that the traditional German obsession to detail and quality he is driven by is something that his clients not only can appreciate, but deserve.

He lives Brady Bunch style in a fixer-upper house with his high-energy kindergarten teacher wife and their combined 4 kids and 2 tiny dogs. Though he views what he builds with a high level of scrutiny, somehow Keith managed to develop completely devoid of the ability to take himself seriously at all.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

C A L E   D O A N E, First Mate & Dive Master

Cale is a 3rd generation native Oregonian who lives with his wife and son and hyperactive Border Collie on a 60 acre farm. This is the same piece of land his grandfather homesteaded when Oregon was still very much the wild West. Before being called back home to run the family farm, he took his wife and young son to Hawaii and lived completely off the grid in a yurt he built from scratch in the jungle of the Big Island. In addition to his many years building homes in Oregon, he is also an accomplished metal worker, an excellent Thai chef, and probably the humblest guy you will ever meet.